Sound Design and Post Production

Elephant’s Dream

A soundtrack for this 3-minute section of animation was created in post production from scratch. Foley, location recording, ADR, and electronic synthesis were the main techniques used for sound design and creation. Stereo and 5.1 mixes were completed. You can listen to the stereo mix below:

The methodologies used to make this soundtrack are explained in detail within a ‘Making Of‘ video.


Big Buck Bunny 

A complete soundtrack designed for headphone listening was created for this 9-munite feature film. The main techniques included Foley, location recording, DSP, and intricate automation of EQ, volume, and panning settings.


Once completed, four 20 second sections from the stereo soundtrack above, and accompanying video, were selected to be used for research Greg carried out to investigate the immersive qualities of conventional stereo film soundtracks in comparison with binaural versions created for consumption on mobile devices using headphones. For this, binaural versions of the soundtracks for each 20 second clip were produced by re-spatialising individual wave files within the stereo field using a binaural synthesis application called ‘Panorama‘. Once the test audio was complete, A/B comparison tests comparing the binaural and conventional stereo versions of soundtracks were completed by test subjects for all four corresponding video clips. Strict quality control was essential throughout the realisation of the research project to ensure fair testing conditions. and creation. To listen to each of the test clips, click here.